Welcome to WickedImages.net.  This website is dedicated to my passion towards the art of custom paint and airbrushing; along with a bit of body work and a touch of pin striping.

I’m a natural artist whose automotive paint education started at Titan Motorcycles in Phoenix, AZ back in 2000/2001-ish where I started as painter’s helper in the paint dept., prepping parts for the painter and airbrush artists; as well as learning to color sand and buff finished pieces to a mirror shine.

The Darkness – my first attempt at airbrushing.

I later graduated to painter’s apprentice where I learned to paint, and then purchased my first Iwata Airbrush because I knew I could do what the artists were doing if I just learned how to use one.

Shortly thereafter, Titan went belly up and I found myself working at a couple different auto collision shops (owned by friends and family) doing mostly grunt work.  It was then, through the grapevine that I learned that my old boss from Titan was looking for me, and when I found him he hired me as head painter for his new custom paint shop called Spray Kats, where I continued my education putting out custom paint jobs for Swift Motorcycles, sand rails, and anything else customers wanted done (i.e. guitars, gunstocks, cars/trucks…even a Cessna airplane for the owner of Swift Trucking).

Currently I’m working in the financial industry, but doing a little side work and working on launching my own business of…you guessed it, custom paint.  So let’s see where this wicked road takes me…